Financing facility


This French new build property purchase scheme was initially introduced by the French government in 1986 in order to increase investment into self-catering residential accommodation in France.


The main criteria for reclaiming 20% VAT.

  1. Not to personally use your property more than 182 days a year.
  2. To have a management agreement with a management company that offers on your behalf 3 out of the, legally defined, 4 para-hotelier services (Key conveyance, Cleaning, Linen and/or Breakfast).
  3. Make your property mainly available for short term lets during the high season.

The management agreement is a one year rolling contact with Helyxir Residence*.

*Standard rental & management fees apply


VAT Rebate

How does it work?

– 20% of the total purchase price is refunded on all new properties that fulfil the 3 criteria’s mentioned in the previous paragraph.

– e.g. If the price for a new property is €432 000, you will be able reclaim  €72 000.

– The reclaim is also applicable to all new furniture and home cinema purchases.


This VAT refund is in effect credited over a 20 year period.

What does this mean?
Should you decide further down the line that you prefer to use the property for more than 182 days a year, before the 20 year term is over, you will be liable to refund roughly 1% per year to the French government for remainder of the 20 year period. For instance, if you purchase a property and reclaim VAT that amounts to €20,000, then decide to stop the scheme after 15 years, you will be liable to refund €5,000 to the government.